“They were wearing blue border police uniforms. Police caught us first, and then 10 more cars came. Then, after the army came.”

Photo of one of the victims’ injuries: Fresh Response

Date of Violence:​ 24.6.17
Date of Interview: ​25.6.17
Location of Violence: ​46°12’13.3”N 19°55’37.6”E
Demographics: 23 people from Pakistan, including 2 minors aged 15 and 17

Interview conducted in English.

We crossed into Hungary around 10:20-10:30pm. We were approximately 5km inside of Hungary, when we had to cross a road to go into the jungle. If we had been 5 seconds different, we would have made it. It is very bad luck. We were crossing, and then we saw the lights searching. Then, we sat in the jungle and then started to run away, but they said, “Stop” and we all sat together. They were abusing us and saying, “Kurvan” (Bitch) and “Bezmuk” (Unk).

They took us from the jungle to the field and we all sat in a line with our knees up and our arms around them. They were yelling at us and saying, “Where you from? Who speaks English?”, and no one said anything, so they said, “Afghanistan, Pakistan, Syria?” And one man said, “I speak English. We are from Pakistan.” and they beat this man a lot. They released the dogs on him. 5-6 dogs. One without a muzzle and the rest with. This dog without the muzzle took my bag and started to drag me back. Then I released the bag and gave it to the dog. They beat me with sticks and kicks.

They were wearing blue border police uniforms. Police caught us first, and then 10 more cars came. Then, after the army came. There were two girls in police uniforms who were smiling and laughing at us. They were choosing people at random to beat. Then, they had everyone lay on their stomachs. First, they beat the first man in line. They choose me second. They say, “Nationality”, and first he use stick. Then, I say, “Pakistan” and they took me away separate and they released the dogs. Fikey and Taxi were their names and they were beating me with sticks and kicks and punches. Then I was acting like I was in big pain, and they paused.

At the same time, they were beating the other guys. Some have these kind of sticks [see photo for example], and some are just straight sticks. I was laying on my side on the ground, and then I passed out. They put water on my face when I was without consciousness. And after, they say go and lay with the other guys in the line, and then they kick me. While we were laying on our stomachs, they ran across us. Everyone ran across one at a time, and the girls were dancing and laughing. After 30 minutes, they say “wake up”, and they took us to the road. They again made us lay on our stomachs by the side of the road. Then, they started checking our bags and everything. They took one at a time and when he finished checking our belongings, we were told to go and lay back down in the line.

We stayed there for maybe 2 hours. While they were checking our belongings, they broke our cell phones. After that, they took us to the van. We were 25-30 minutes in the van, and they deported us from here somewhere. We held numbers with our ID cards, mine from the Serbian camp, and they took 3 photos. One side, face, and back.

Then, one man spoke for everyone and read this paper as they recorded. “If you want to cross into Hungary, cross legally through the transit zone. Article something something something.” Then, we walked to the transit camp. After, HCIT and UNHCR came to make photos, but they did not ask us any questions about our story. They said that medical people would come. Then MDM came, but they did not have any tablets, and so an ambulance came, but they also did not have anything. UNHCR is sleeping. They only have blankets. When I was being beaten by the Hungarian Police, I was focused on this day. I want to ask organisations to put pressure to stop this.

Photo of one of the victims’ injuries: Fresh Response