Our work wouldn’t be possible without the support of the following local and international supporters and collaborators, not to mention the hundreds of volunteers and private donors who have come through over the past year.

Verein FAIR,
Eastern European Outreach,
Vojvodina Volunteer Center,
Hungarian Helsinki Committe,
Hristova Jevandeovska Crkva,
Civil March for Aleppo,
We Move Europe,
Bauern Helfen Bauern,
Doctors Without Borders/Médecins Sans Frontières,
IHA Austria,
IHA Germany,
Chlebem i Solą,
Noise for Refugees,
Flüchtlingen helfen e.V.,
Grenzenlos Kochen Hannover,
Catch a Smile,
3 Musketiere Reutlingen e.V.,
Volunteers for Humanity,
Erstmal Mensch,
Balkan Refugee Support Erfurt,
The Voice of Thousands,
Grenzenlos – People in Motion e.V.,
Stanton Global Servants,
aid hoc,
Help Refugees,
Everyday Just a Smile,
Polski Zespół Humanitarny,
AKS Zły,
Train of Hope,
Are You Syrious?,
Phone Credit for Refugees,
Rough Cut Productions,
– AIAH Asociación Internacional de Ayuda Humanitaria Ankli,
International Relations for Peace,
MigSzol Budapest,
MigSzol Szeged,
Refugee Aid Miksaliste,
Balkan Ekspres,
Pera Zdera.