“They kicked us in the face and groin and said ‘Welcome to Hungary'”

Photo of the interviewed victim’s injury: Fresh Response

Interview conducted in English.

We walked approximately 5km into Hungary. We were sleeping in the jungle for approximately one hour to hide from the police, because we thought we were safe. Then the police surrounded us and started beating everyone in the jungle. They called the dogs, German shepherds. They had this face covering [muzzles]. They continued beating, kicking, punching and hitting us with sticks. Both official police sticks [police batons], with sticks from the forest, and their torches. These official sticks hurt too much.

There was one man who was very tall and looked like a bodybuilder, he had on a blue shirt and army trousers. They kicked us in the face and groin and said, “Welcome to Hungary.” Then, they put dirt into our faces and said again, “Welcome to Hungary.”

After one and a half or two hours, they said, “Ok. Stand up” and moved us from the jungle. They told us to make a line, and continued to beat us with official sticks [police batons] and sticks from the jungle on our legs. There was a car playing loud Hungarian music. They poured beer and wine on the back of our necks. Then they told us to sit down in the line outside of the jungle. They had one dog named ‘Freki’ with a face cover, and told him to attack people one by one.

They kicked me in the face when I was sitting, and my nose started bleeding. Then, when the police saw my nose bleeding, he kicked me in the face again, and said, “Fuck you.” The police had pistol guns and the army had machine guns. They took the pistols and held them to each of our heads. Then, they told us to stand up and make a line, and start walking. As we were walking, they continued to beat us.

They have a new, special person trained in this field. He was kicking and punching our faces and arms. We walked for one and a half hours, and they were still beating. We got to the main road, and they brought two vans. They brought us to the transit zone gate, and interviewed us one by one. They asked a series of questions: Where are you from? How old are you? What is your name? What is your mother’s name? Where do you want to go?

Then they instructed us to unlock our phones and they checked everything. They checked our SIM number and everything, and checked our belongings and pockets. Then Serbian police came to the fence, and the Hungarian police took the dog away. I think the Hungarian police would have beaten us again, but they didn’t want to in front of Serbian police because then the police would have been witnesses.

The Hungarians asked how much money we had, and then gave it back to us. They didn’t do anything for the injuries. My nose continued bleeding for two hours, and when I arrived to the transit zone it was still bleeding, and their faces did not change at all. It took 5-6 minutes to check each person. Around 5:30 or 6:00am they opened the gate back to Serbia.