“You can’t call this a life. We are humans, not donkeys.”

This series of time-stamped posts are from interviews conducted on the 25th of February with various victims of Hungarian police brutality, during two separate crossing attempts on consecutive nights. They were interviewed and recorded on video by a journalist we have been collaborating with, Jaime Alekos, with the support of a translator who wishes to remain anonymous.

Interviewee: 14 years old from Afghanistan [crossed into Hungary the night of 22 February, 2017]

24:01 – When did you leave Afghanistan and why?
24:05 – I fled Afghanistan one year and two months ago. I fled Afghanistan because our life was not good there. I came here thinking that I’d have a good life and then I could go back.

24:27 – How long have you been in Serbia?
24:29 – For about four months.

24:38 – So did it take you one year to come from Afghanistan to Serbia?
24:43 – Yes, it took me one year, I had to spend 6 months in Bulgaria. Continue reading ““You can’t call this a life. We are humans, not donkeys.””